Lenten challenge: you decide!

Lent* is officially here and I find myself inspired to give something upβ€”but so soooo many items to choose from. Perhaps you could adjudicate among the following options for me to forgo for 40 days.

β–  Speaking in tongues to the neighborhood cats

β–  Drinking the water in Mexico

β–  Pretending to flinch when someone comes up behind me

β–  Sardines (alt give-up: Kale)

β–  Polishing my fake fruit

β–  Making prank “citizens arrests”Β 

β–  Doing my famous (but much beloved) Elvis impersonation (“Thankyewverymuch”)

β–  Vigilante homeland security operations

β–  Vigilante freeway “highway patrol” operations

β–  Random “hand origami” creations

β–  Breathing underwater (I’ve only mastered the “breathing out” part to date)

β–  Performing taxidermy experiments on my stuffed animals

β–  Bringing my recipe for “Smoke-infused Cajun Lenten Perch” (basically, perch that is flaming on the stove due to neglect) to Lenten parties

β–  Using the Jedi mind trick on snakes (it’s good to learn from mistakes)

* the term comes from Old English lengten or lengthu (“length”): (American Heritage Dictionary); and Middle English lenten, c. 1275: “the season of spring”: OED.Β  Later co-opted by the Church to indicate the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter. Wait a dang minute! Weekdays, you say? Does this mean I can satisfy my lust for Elvis impersonations and Jedi mind tricks on weekends?
Note: all photos exc. the Dummies cover and kale, Β©James Veihdeffer

5 comments on “Lenten challenge: you decide!

  1. Audrey says:

    Go for broke and give up all of them! Well, maybe not the Elvis impersonation.

  2. theresaly520 says:

    πŸ˜„ I gave up Instagram. As a millennial who’s so plugged in to technology, this was actually a little difficult for me.

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