Holy Wine Wars (Part Dieu)

Recently, we took a close look at some infamous Wine War rivals vying for your vinological investment. However, sometimes it takes a cool-headed mediator rather than a “stable genius” to bring opposing parties to the table for reconciliation in the time-honored spirit of rapprochement.*

Just for safety’s sake, though, we’re keeping these two on separate racks.

*rapprochement, comes from the French word rapprocher (“to bring together”) meaning a re-establishment of cordial relations, as between two countries…or two theological wine factions. Just thought I’d save you the trouble of looking it up.

2 comments on “Holy Wine Wars (Part Dieu)

  1. David William Veihdeffer says:

    Hey Jim, we recently found Old Soul Cab to be a quaffable and affordable wine (wife’s favorite). And of course Seven Deadly Zins is very nice. Keep ’em coming.
    Dave Veihdeffer

    • veeds says:

      I pretty much buy wine for the label graphics and quirky names these days since I am disenchanted with all the winetasting blathering in the “Notes” sections of the wine descriptions: buttery almond, plum notes, fruit forward, mouthfeel, etc. I will say though that I’ve been a fan of 7 Deadly Zins for several years…and then just a few weeks ago I heard a wine aficionado declare that 7DZ was garbage (or words to that effect). I’m still of a mind, someday, to hold a proper (double blind, controlled) wine taste event to see if the “experts” can be fooled as much as we all know they can. (Except for my cousins, of course).

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