Wedding Schmedding

Sometimes you have to put things in perspective to, you know, get your priorities in order.

Consider, the latest royal wedding that will take place at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on Saturday, 19 May. (I almost hate to name the date in case one of you is curious enough to actually check it out.) In the meantime, I have compiled a list of things I care less about and things I care more about.

Things I Care Less About Than the Royal Wedding

  • current traffic at a place I’m not going
  • Safeway “Monopoly” game pieces

  • the next “Shades of Grey” movie
  • grocery store coupons for cat food
  • The Bachelor pausing a whole minute before bestowing his final rose
  • any Kardashian news
  • who is on the guest list for the royal wedding

and now…

Things I Care More About Than the Royal Wedding

  • number of angels that can dance on a pinhead

  • dryer lint
  • Millard Fillmore (President #13, 1850-1853)

  • Kanye’s latest Tweet

and, of course…

  • kale (but just barely)

So there we have it. A fair and balanced list that allows me to adjust my day’s thinking priorities. Admittedly, the bar I’ve set for the royals to beat is pretty low,  but it’s good to know that they’re somewhere in the middle between Kardashian news and lint.

and just for fun:


2 comments on “Wedding Schmedding

  1. David says:

    Let me know when you find Millard Fillmore’s face in the dryer lint!

    • jveeds says:

      There are so many dang presidents in the lint I’ve had to make them take numbers. Of course there are others waiting in line including Our Lady of Fatima, Putin, and Tom Wolfe (who seems to be arguing with Thomas Wolfe about some literary point).

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