Ask the Witch-Answer Guy: II – the Perjury Trap

Questions, so many questions for the Witch-Answer Guy!

And so, the Witch Hunt Chronicles continue. Oddly, the civil servants querying us lately seem to be pretty insistent on remaining anonymous. Not sure why they’re so persnickety, but we honor all such requests. That’s just how we roll when we’re wearin’ the hat.


Most recently:

“My lawyers have advised me, a successful businessman, very successful, so successful, trust me, with nothing to hide, that I should be careful to avoid a ‘perjury trap.'”

Q: So, how can I avoid a perjury trap?

A: Avoid lying.

A perjury trap is when prosecutors subpoena a person to the grand jury not for truly investigative reasons, but simply to try to get the person to commit perjury.”
or, expressed more benignly…
“An anxiety that prosecutors will turn good-faith mistakes in testimony, or honest failures to remember, into perjury charges.
and if you want to get all legal-wonky about it:
Perjury trap doctrine refers to a principle that a perjury indictment against a person must be dismissed if the prosecution secures it by calling that person as a grand-jury witness in an effort to obtain evidence for a perjury charge especially when the person’s testimony does not relate to issues material to the ongoing grand-jury investigation. The perjury trap is a form of entrapment defense, and so must be affirmatively proven by the defendant.”



2 comments on “Ask the Witch-Answer Guy: II – the Perjury Trap

  1. kginoregon says:

    Good Lord! Why do you think that every loyal republican who’s been interviewed by Mueller, is on TV BEGGING Donald not to talk to Mueller. They say that Mueller already knows the answers to the questions before he asks. We’ve seen the questions, so we know what Mueller knows. Loyal republicans are also screaming “PERJURY TRAP”. Welllll, if you don’t lie, there’s no perjury. If he can’t sit for 2 hours without lying, then is he capable enough to be president? If he’s expected to lie in answer to the 49 questions, then the “loyal” republicans apparently know that he’s GUILTY! Else why would he lie and why would they be so upset? How obvious is this?

    The voters who are for him also believe he’s guilty. They actually TELL US they don’t believe what he says. They just don’t care that he’s a sex offender, liar, racist, con artist and probable traitor. They identify with him. What does that say about 30% of the American public?

    • jveeds says:

      I’m curious about the now-infamous “49 questions” which are said to have been leaked. At first, I thought commentators were saying someone in the Mueller camp leaked them, but now it appears that it was the Trump folks that “leaked” them…and I use quotes there because I don’t know how they could leak a list that apparently they concocted on their own. Presumably, they are anticipating the questions.

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