Food Fraud

I’m still on my food labeling kick because I came across this rather egregious example of food fraud in my local Safeway the other day. I wrote about grocery store trickery a couple years ago in “Grocery Store Blues” but now I just want to call shenanigans on this particular item.

Now, if you’re some sort of food snob who won’t buy any kind of frozen entree, you can just stop reading. (I’ll give you a moment to think about it….)

Ok, we’re back.

When you look at the photo it appears that this is going to be primarily a tasty chicken entree, further indicated by the prominence of the name “Orange Chicken.” It would seem to be “served with” rice. But when you open the package you find that it’s about 80% rice and 20% chicken.

Granted, the rice is pretty savory and the chicken ain’t bad. But this is really nothing less than the old bait ‘n switch. Like going to a happy hour and seeing that they’re offering $5 wine…and finding that you’re actually getting a half-glass of a $10 wine.

I would’ve taken a shot of the actual entree but it was either that or gnaw on my own fingers for dinner.


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