A Trip to the Attic

I was poking around in my attic (yes, some Phoenix homes have attics) looking for an old photo neg and as usual found myself distracted by a hitherto unnoticed box of books I had tucked away.

And what a treasure trove of oddities it was indeed!

Apparently I had stored a lot of my quirky humor books in the box and underneath several David Sedaris, Dave Barry, Steve Martin, Woody Allen and Bill Bryson collections, I hit real paydirt in the form of…


I was about to put this odd volume back when I noticed that our new prebitch-book-ivana-trumpsident was featured on the cover with a quote from his first wife in 1990.

I have to admit that I have no idea where, why or how I acquired many of these. I used to haunt Friends of the Library and VNSA sales and was a frequent visitor to Tempe’s original Changing Hands bporno-graphics-dangreenburg-2ookstore.

The Dan Greenburg book is especially clever as he unveils famous works of art with naughty little lift-up transparencies.



The photo of the hand with tongue (thumb) sticking out is from a book called Humands.

humands_0001       The Mecham book is a wonderful collection of quotes from world-according-to-evan-mecham2the disgraced former governor of Arizona, as chronicled in a recent blog post.special-moments





Special Moments is a set of beautifully photographed actual postcards with very odd and unexpected reverse sides.

For example “Thinking of You” contains the nicely scrolled message,thinking-of-you “Wishing you’d change” on the back.






Here are a few more for your delectation.

From The Profit (a delicious parody of the writings of cult Lebanese-American mystic, Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet…also in my library in the Woo section with Nostradamus):the-profit-kehlog-albran

  • “The earth is like a grain of sand, only much much heavier.”
  • “If someone should find a wallet containing a boiled potato, a tooth, and a laundry ticket, should he be considered lucky?”
  • “Some ask when is the best time to marry. My reply is this: A field ripe with clover, pomegranates and figs does not require the Archangel to determine where a canine hath dirtied.”

Here are a few others.


leas-book-of-rules more-dates-from-hell-2 items-from-our-catalog gyroscope-through-the-ages growing-up-catholic fire-in-the-johnsheep-in-a-jeep
















I’d love to give an excerpt from Lea Delaria’s book of rules but couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t get me in trouble. Sheep in a Jeep on the other hand is so deliriously amusing, page-by-rhyming-page, that I cannot resist giving the final punch line: “Jeep for sale — Cheap.”

We leave you for today with former Disney artist, Ward Kimball’s…

after-art-masterpieces-coverwith a modern take on Gainsborough’s 1779 “The Blue Boy”…


…and Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” fresco, among some 40 other irreverent adaptations.



2 comments on “A Trip to the Attic

  1. paul says:

    Well, we know where you got the Gyroscope book from

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