Save The Trump!

Sadly, The Donald doesn’t seem to realize that no one ever came out looking good by disparaging the family of a fallen war hero.

But of course that’s just the latest in a long…lonnnnng line of Trumpisms that would have sunk a less vainglorious sociopath who never saw an insult he could rise above.

However, this raises the specterhot water of a big problem for the Democrats: What if Trump continues to blather on and finally gets himself into such hot water that he has to be forcibly ejected from the race?

What if his tax returns, or the Trump “University” scam, or the Trump Foundation tax scandals, or further bankruptcies or attacks on foreign leaders result in him being somehow legally disqualified!

One can already see the RNC’s champion laying the groundwork for defeat by announcing that he “heard” the election is going to be rigged. “I have to be honest,” he added. (Really.)

But if Trump is somehow ejected for legal reasons, that leaves the GOP with the possibility of installing an actual, credible candidate who doesn’t see thousands and thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers, who doesn’t hear that the unemployment rate could be as high as 42 percent, who doesn’t wonder if a grieving woman is silent because “she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say” and who doesn’t believe that building high rises is some kind of patriotic sacrifice. “I’ve had tremendous success,” he added (really), apparently confirming the nature of his sacrifices.

I can think of one or two possible replacements who wouldn’t make fence-sitting Dems race to the porcelain clutching their stomachs.

So what the Democratic contender really needs is for the Trumpinator to stay the course and shut his mouth long enough to forestall being indicted until its too late for the Republicans to vet someone new.

Save the Trump! It’s the Democrats’ great white hope.

Update: This essay was posted prior to the most recent news articles, like “GOP officials think Donald Trump might drop out of election” and “The GOP’s Donald Trump freak-out”. Of course I’ve been predicting Trumpageddon for months now and have always been wrong.



2 comments on “Save The Trump!

  1. charleycrews says:

    Good blogging article. Bottom line, ignore the asshole, don’t write about him and above all don’t get into an argument about or with him.

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