Cinfully Tasty

strawb in hand(706)CR-contr


Due to the phenomenal success of the coolest new summer drink in town (IceKaMo!),IceKaMo-drink(092) fans of Chef Boy R Vee have been clamoring for something tasty to “go with.” It’s actually getting to be something of a nuisance trying to calm down the masses who are simply not content with my Pâté de Spamme Terrine au Jus Mystère or my holiday treat, Fried Bologna Surprise or my Frozen Water Cubes a la Tray.

People, people! Get a grip. A new taste sensation has just been approved for release from the infamous  La Kitschenne 8540 (a Franco-German term that I may have made up while I was not at culinary school.)

We’re calling it The Cinful Strawb.

The inspiration came as I was testing out the concept on my back patio that ants will not cross a line of cinnamon. Crazy, eh? But to find out, I needed an industrial size jar of cinnamon — not just your casual, rookie-size, dilettante’s spice rack container.

Having conducted the experiment, I found that I had plenty of cinnamon left over and started wondering what to do with it.

Who can say where inspiration comes from? You got your Mozarts, your Picassos, your jailhouse rock Elvae. Personally, I like to get mine eating my Corn Flakes. And thus it was while slicing some strawberries that my muse paid a call.

The recipe is ridiculously easy:

  1. Slice a strawberry in half
  2. Spray some ReddiWip on it (or real whipped cream for extra sinfulness)
  3. Sprinkle your cinnamon on it
  4. Stick a toothpick somewhere in the vicinity to give it a classy Frenchie look

Voila: the slightly naughty, delightfully indulgent Cinful Strawb.

Cinful Strawb-side(178)

And will ants cross a cinnamon Maginot Line?

Apparently not. But it’s fun watching them try.

All photos copyright J. Veihdeffer

2 comments on “Cinfully Tasty

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    That last picture made me crave that as a snack lol!

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