New drink beats the heat

It’s new, it’s fun, it’s dang tasty — the perfect thing for days when the temperature goes above 110 F.*

It’s the IceKaMo!™IceKaMo-drink(092)

I invented this two weeks ago, really, and already it’s generating a blizzard of interest.


  • Ice cubes
  • Kahlúa
  • Starbucks Frappucino Mocha
  • Espresso coffee

Start by getting out your handy espresso device (or just brew some coffee — by the time you add the Kahlúa and Mocha you won’t care if it’s one of your fancypants Keurig espresso brews or plain old Yuban.)

Personally, I just get my north central Phoenix neighborhood Grinders espresso mix and pop it into my castespresso(091) iron Bed Bath and Beyond cheapo stovetop unit (I really ought to get some kickbacks for all these product placements, eh?)

Brewing the coffee is really the only time-consuming aspect of this.


Get your desired coffee drinking unit and put a bunch** of ice cubes in it. Get your Kahlúa and pour maybe a capful over the ice. Now pour your steaming coffee in the glass. Finally, pour about a shots-worth of the creamy cold Mocha in and watch the taste bud tempters roiling around in there.


* I may have just plucked that temperature out of thin air. The IceKaMo is suitable for consuming at any Earth temperature. Today, for example, as I type this, it’s 113 in Phoenix.
** “bunch” – sorry to get all culinary/technical on you but for those of you who don’t have your Kitchen Confidential  handy, a “welter” or “handful” of ice cubes will do just fine. And by the way, don’t actually use the cap  of the Kahlúa bottle…it will get ridiculously sticky and make your Kahlúa life a living hell.




One comment on “New drink beats the heat

  1. […] to the phenomenal success of the coolest new summer drink in town (IceKaMo!), fans of Chef Boy R Vee have been clamoring for something tasty to “go with.” […]

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