Ruh roh…SRP at the door!



As Dave Barry says regarding the biblical figure of Abram, “With all due respect to God, when He appears to people in the Old Testament, it generally is not a lighthearted occasion.”

So too when you hear the doorbell and see an electric company truck in front.

In this case it was an SRP truck, which is a bit odd since my neighborhood in Phoenix uses APS for our electrical needs.

However, I know that the Arizona Canal, which runs past my house, is managed by SRP (Salt River Project).Canal sign-cell(150)

So it was with some trepidation that I saw the man with an SRP uniform standing there holding a slip of paper.

Was it a summons of some kind? A bill? Did someone catch me exceeding the bike speed limit on the canal path (not bloody likely considering how the guys wearing Spiderman outfits whiz past me on a regular basis).

The guy said “hello” and asked my name. He held forth the slip of paper, a check for $35 as it turned out, which I immediately recognized as the check I had planned to deposit at the ATM that morning during my return trip on my regular early morning canal ride.  I had blown off the bank detour in favor of…well in favor of trying to hit a time goal…and, frankly, completely forgot about the check in my shorts.

The SRP guy said that some man on the canal who had left his phone there found the check. When SRP tracked down the phone-forgetter, he told them about the endorsed check he had found.

Since my name and address were on the check, SRP took the trouble to drive over to my humble abode.

I would have liked to call the phone forgetter but the SRP guy either didn’t have it or wasn’t authorized to give it out.

Nationstar check(087)-CR-FX4

So, the phone-forgetter got his phone back, I got my check back and the canal ducks can get back to quacking themselves up at the heedless humans in their habitat.


2 comments on “Ruh roh…SRP at the door!

  1. charleycrews says:

    So, don’t;

    * Read the newspaper

    * Listen to the news

    * listen to the gossip-mongers

    People are basically good, in the majority. Trump that, Donald.


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