People with guns don’t shoot people?

My adversarial friend and colleague Alan Korwin writes in his latest (Gunlaws #157) newsletter:

a novel new way of understanding the gun issue:

People with guns don’t shoot people.

Criminals with guns shoot people.

A completely fresh narrative, turns the debate around.

I’m not going to link to Korwin’s Frankengraphically* disastrous, fact-lite, redundancy-replete (“novel new”) May 19 newsletter because it’s just too painful to inflict on anyone who cares about good design, much less reasonable thinking about guns. Indeed it’s the newsletter equivalent of listening to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck fighting over a chicken wing with Donald Trump moderating at full volume.Limbaugh-Trump-BeckI’ll give you a moment to clear that game of Chicken from your head.


Suffice to say that his idea of artistic license is to inexplicably repeat all his subheads thus:

The lamestream media told you:

The lamestream media told you:

But back to the point at hand.

I wonder if Korwin heard about the Elks Lodge  incident in Cincinnati (reported in the lamestream New York Times) where 27 bullets flew at a birthday party hitting seven people. And this was just one of at least 358 armed encounters nationwide last year — nearly one a day, on average — in which four or more people were killed or wounded, including attackers. The toll: 462 dead and 1,330 injured, typically in momentary bursts of gunfire.

Presumably some of those deaths and injuries were wrought by “criminals with guns.” So let’s do a quick roster check of some 2016 school shootings.

January 29, 2016 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gunshot fired during a fight in a stairwell at Franklin High School, and no injuries were reported. Three people were detained.]
February 9, 2016 Muskegon Heights, Michigan Four people, including two students, injured during a basketball game event in the parking lot of Muskegon Heights High School.
February 12, 2016 Glendale, Arizona Two 15-year-old girls died in an apparent Murder-Suicide at Independence High School.
February 29, 2016 Middletown, Ohio 15-year-old Cameron Smith, and 14-year-old Cooper Caffrey, were shot when 14-year-old James Austin Hancock, opened fire in the Madison High School cafeteria with a .380 caliber handgun. 15-year-old Brant Murray, and 14-year-old Katherine Douchette, also suffered shrapnel injuries.
April 23, 2016 Antigo, Wisconsin Two students at a prom at Antigo High School were shot and injured by 18-year-old former student Jakob Wagner. Wagner later exchanged fire with a school resource officer in the school’s parking lot, and was captured after being shot and wounded by police..

C’mon Korwin. Can you just admit, for once, that people use guns to kill people? Or is your concept that when a student uses a gun to kill a student, that gun user is by definition a criminal?

Until the gun nuts, er, gun advocates are willing to come to the table with reasonable formulations of the issues, I’m afraid we can’t be friends again.

chicken love-Quintus—————

“Frankengraphic” — a word I just made up to indicate a monstrous mishmash of graphic and text elements. Pretty good, eh? Feel free to use it, especially if you’d like to credit me.

2 comments on “People with guns don’t shoot people?

  1. Enjoyed your argument that “people use guns to shoot people.” In my world, every person has the inner potential to shoot another. It’s just that some act upon it, and, in doing so, become criminals. Criminals are not created before people.
    As for gun control discussions, I’m pessimistic. I live in the West where almost everyone owns at least one gun and they love their weapons. Talk? Heck, no. They just hoard more.

    • jveeds says:

      Who loves their guns more than Arizonans?

      Interesting point: “Criminals are not created before people.”

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