Notice Anything These 11…er…12 Folks Have in Common?

Updated Jan. 19 (see final item)

Q: What do all these celebs have in common…besides mostly having the word “former” as part of their celebrity status?


1.  Ted Nugent (former one-hit rocker*, gun advocate/draft dodger/illegal deer-baiter and bear-shooter)

Ted Nugent headline

2. Dennis Rodman (former NBA star and self-appointed ambassador to N. Korea)

3. Jesse Ventura (former WWE wrestler and Minnesota governor, 9/11 conspiracy-believer)

4. Charlie Sheen (actor, 9/11 “Truther,” vaccine opposer, accidental fiancée-shooter, Scientology supporter)

5. Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty star)

6. Terrell Owens (prematurely semi-retired NFL player and former excessive celebrator)

7. Mike Tyson (former boxer, ear-biter)

8. Stephen Baldwin (actor, Miley Cyrus tattoo-regretter, bankruptee, income tax evader)

9. Gary Busey (actor, former Celebrity Apprentice, former non-helmet-wearing motorcyclist, “vitamin water” ad spokesperson)

Gary Busey

10. Wayne Newton (“Mr. Las Vegas,” bankruptee, Johnny Carson asskicker)**

11. David Duke (former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan)

12. Update: Alaska’s self-ousted part-time ex-governor Sarah Palin has now endorsed Trump. Need we say more? (See “’Capitalizing to succeed’ And More Palindronesand “The Political Comedy Gift That Keeps on Giving”

A: Donald Trump supporters


Source: Trending Ninjas (with actual quotes)

*OK, OK, a two-hit wonder since his previous band, The Amboy Dukes, had a one-timer with “Journey to the Center of the Mind.”   ** Newton didn’t actually kick “mean-spirited” Carson’s ass; he only threatened to if Johnny kept making jokes about him.

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