“Thrift Store Saturday”

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But what about something for the rest of us holiday shoppers who don’t want to participate in the mad frenzy of violent shoppers pushing and shoving to get Xmas gadgets that have mostly likely been “price massaged” to give the appearance of a deal?

That’s why I have invented a new shopping day called “Thrift Store Saturday.” (I was going to call it the more alliterative “Thrifty Thursday” but some of the thrift stores, like Goodwill, have their half-price sales on Saturdays.)

The idea came to me when I got too lazy to take my morning bike ride down the Canal and decided I’d substitute a bike ride to the bank and, while I was out, pick up some cheap gardening gloves to re-pot a couple plants I had just gloves(444)-mediumbought and maybe a watering can.watering can-quintus-redo2

I figured as long as I was hitting the Dollar Store, I might as well go to the Ross Dress For Less shop next door…and the Goodwill Thrift Shop…and the 99 Cents Store…and the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop…and the Tuesday Morning store. The only non-thrift store I went to was a small locally owned hardware store next to the TM.

Although the shopping gurus suggest sticking to your list, I figured I could splurge on a few extras, especially since a lot of them were half-off. My real constraint would be what I could haul back home on my bike.

What I bought:

  • 1 pair “Gants de jardinage en jersey” (Jersey garden gloves to you)
  • 1 one-gallon plastic watering can
  • 1 clay flower pot
  • 2 packs of AA batteries
  • 1 set of paper platesFiller bush tag
  • 1 sturdy Tupperware container
  • 2 metal bookends
  • 1 indoor/outdoor thermometer
  • 3 “Bouquet de verdure” filler bushes (3 sprigs of faux daisies…or whatever)
  • 1 bathroom scale

And the coup de grace — I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself from getting this final item — was a 69¢ motion-activated “oiseau chantant” (singing bird to you)…with “real bird sounds recorded from nature”!…which I plan to use for torturing students when they won’t stop chattering in class.

Singing bird-fx-MSTotal cost for these 15 items: $31.41 (including tax)

Singing Bird tag-cr-fx


2 comments on ““Thrift Store Saturday”

  1. Hi!

    Fun post . . . especially the Bird-of-Torture.
    Thanks for the follow and Happy New Year!

    • jveeds says:

      Nice to hear from you again. I think I read several of your posts back in the summer but for some reason may not have put you on “follow.”

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