To My Friends Going Skiing This Weekend

Dec.27, 2014

At some point in any ski trip, it’s just you and the mountain.

All the friends you partied with the night before can’t help you now.

All the brightly colored parkas, puffy gloves, snooky knit caps from the ski store…JV-Nastar-Quentin

Your shiny NASTAR pin…

Your “I skied The Plunge” long-sleeve T.

They might as well be left-behind angels carved in the snow.

It’s best this way though. No interminable waiting for the group to re-assemble. No mindless chatter.

It’s a test of your ability to be alone with yourself.

And the test today is simply. . .

Deer Valley view-2-brush-overlay

. . . pass/fail.


Photos/treatments are property of the author and may not be re-used without permission: 1) Telluride, CO; 2) Deer Valley, UT.

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