Easter comes early at Skype

The other day one of my Skypemates and I were fooling around with some new icons in the latest version and, purely by accident, we came across several, um…”undocumented” icons.  These are little cartoon icons that don’t show up anywhere on the menu.

Now, there’s a term in the software business for bits of secret code embedded in a program or DVD: “Easter eggs.”

These are harmless yolks inserted in the program that appear magically when certain key strokes are made, yielding a gag reel or nerd-amusing game.

For example, typing (smoke) yields a little guy smoking and (rock) sends out a head-banging rock ‘n roller. Now try typing (drunk).

Note that you have to type in the word with the parentheses.

There’s another one so deliciously improper you’ll have to write me privately. Send a note to jveedsATaol.com and I’ll reveal it.

Of course, I suppose this is old news to veteran egg hunters. Frankly, I haven’t Googled the matter to find out whether there are dozens more. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

Like when I figured out how to advance to the upper levels of PacMan.  The whole thing was ruined for me when I found out that the “cheats”  had been figured out long ago and were actually published.

I suppose I’ll have to eventually do the search and find out what secret icons we missed.

But sometimes it’s nice to just let serendipity happen, walk through the world with the eyes of a child finding colored eggs under bushes, making a conscious effort not to read all the reviews of a movie before going to see it, not doing an Internet search of your new dating partner to see if he’s a beau or a beauzo…

in short finding the Easter eggs of someone’s personality.


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