Save Saudi Arabia…bring a blogger home!

Having now served two years of teaching duty in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, your blogger is getting ready to return to the U.S. for summer vacation, around mid-July.

You are asking yourself: “What can I do to keep this faithful correspondent from leaving the States again?”

Simple. If you know of any specific positions, tips or leads that would save the Saudis from another year of my Middle East shenanigans…

…pass them along to me at the e-mail below.

Here, I’ll make it simple.

Just ask around and see who needs an accomplished and versatile teacher or writer and is willing to pay enough to keep the wolves from the door.

What will you say to your friends or colleagues?

You will say: He is equally comfortable churning out mouth-watering ad copy and technical white papers. He can do audience-grabbing executive speeches (like he did for a major aerospace corporation) or funny radio scripts (like for the Arizona State Fair). He proofreads and copyedits like a maniac (like he did for several Phoenix newspapers and marketing agencies). Feel free to paraphrase.

You want humor? You will make snorting noises and lose control of your sphincter. You want heart-rending? You will check into the hospital and beg for a transplant. You want dry and boring? Sorry. Try the hack next door.

And what about teaching, you ask? Boy, did you come to the right place!

He tames unruly youths in a single bound; imparts sage writing tips faster than a speeding bullet; flies through the air with the greatest of ease (without tights). Two out of three are more or less true. Pick ’em.

In short, he teaches English, Business Writing and Rhetoric (along with Reading and Grammar, but no ‘Rithmetic).

He brings an invaluable international perspective. And is willing to relocate to your fair city.

But enough dilly dallying. Let’s see how we can save me from another year in the Magic Kingdom.  I’m ready to get to work and appreciate your tips, hot leads and especially any job offers.

Just jot a note to to get the ball rolling.

Oh, and feel free to pass this article along to whoever might be interested.


5 comments on “Save Saudi Arabia…bring a blogger home!

  1. Dear Mr. Veihdeffer:

    My name is Ronald Singleterry, and I am writing to you concerning the Institute of Public Administration in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    I discovered your wonderful blog, “Veeds of Arabia,” and I learned of your email address there, as well, however my emails have all been rejected by your system.

    • jveeds says:

      Hi Ron, you cracked the code. I’m surprised my email doesn’t work from the Veeds of Arabia site but I’ll check it out. What is your interest in the IPA?

      • I hope that I am not disturbing you, but I have been in the hiring process with the I.P.A. since February 28, 2011, and I have a few questions that the recruiter, Mr. A, has not answered.

        Recently, I have returned to Saint Louis, Missouri, from Kayseri, Turkey, in order to complete the visa process to work at the I.P.A., but, lately, my emails requesting information that I need for the website have not been answered.

        As someone who has experienced the I.P.A. hiring process, may I ask you if it is generally this challenging to begin work with the I.P.A.?

        I really hate to bother you, but I do not know of any other person to contact that might possibly be able to enlighten me on this subject.

        I greatly appreciate your time and kind indulgence, and, if nothing else, then, at least, you know that you have one more fan of your blog.

        Yours sincerely,


        Ronald Lee Singleterry, MFA
        Saint Louis, Missouri

      • jveeds says:

        Hi Ron,

        Please contact me at either or and I’ll see if i can give you some insights.

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate your kindness!

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