Governor? Palin

May 30, 2010

I just received an e-mail from someone claiming to be “Governor Palin.”

It’s titled:

Special Message from Governor Palin

I may have been out of touch for a while but when did that happen? I thought Alaska’s Chief Executive Quitter had been flushed down the pipeline some time ago. Following the biggest screw-up since the mighty Casey struck out, I’m surprised the Misguided Moosketeer Maverick (or her PR crew) has the nerve to re-annoint herself.

Looking a bit closer I see that the e-mail is actually from someone called “Jan Brewer for Governor”

From:  Jan Brewer for Governor

Ah, and there they are together! Could there be a perkier duo of Border Security enthusiasistas?

All right, I get the idea: two Galvenors just putting their heads together to solve that pesky goshdarn border problem.

I’m all for dealing with that issue, but let’s not pretend that one of them is still in office.

Yes, I know it’s customary (though, strictly speaking,  incorrect*)  for persons of high office who leave honorably to keep their former titles in perpetuity, whether dead or alive.  But when Bailout Barbie jumped the ship of state in mid-term, I think she gave up all rights to keep calling herself “Governor,” except…perhaps…with the most ethereal of air quotes

After all, I don’t go around still calling myself “Funeral Master” — the last great post I held as a grade school altar boy.


*The actual correct form of address for a former president of the United States, established by none other than George Washington, is to use the title of the highest post that he held before becoming president.

2 comments on “Governor? Palin

  1. Don says:

    Obviously, a bit dated , but the gist is still appropo – I’ll get you Obama’s birth certificate when you can supply Palin’s high school graduation certificate. If she’d keep her mouth shut, people just might not know.

    • jveeds says:

      Dated? The Gov and Ex Gov just put their heads together recently. I’m not sure if the Quitter In Chief actually has a birth certificate. Perhaps a date of spawning though.

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