Why Saudi women buy lingerie from creepy-looking guys

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I hear that women in Saudi Arabia are planning a boycott—or perhaps it should be “mancott”—of stores that continue to employ only male lingerie salespersons. The two-week mancott is scheduled to start February 13, though I don’t see why it shouldn’t last a month to give it some teeth.

The irony of the situation, for the benefit of those outside the KSA, is that unrelated men and women are not only not allowed to socialize but women must cover head-to-foot in a long black shapeless robe called an abaya whenever an unrelated male is present. As my friend Susie of Arabia points out in her daily photo blog from Jeddah, a law was passed in the kingdom a couple years ago allowing women to sell lingerie to other women. Yet most stores still employ only male salesmen, even for ladies’ intimates.

Photo courtesy of Susie of Arabia, used with permission

As one reader of Susie’s blog laments (satirically), if women start taking over the women’s clothing departments, where will the male crossdressers go for their couture needs?

Fortunately, the information superhighway once again comes to the rescue in the form of my new online shopping experience for male crossdressers:



Yes, this is the place for guys to manage all their abaya needs and other unmentionables.

No more sending the little woman out for a size XXL-long black abaya… “and hold the embroidery please.”

No more superduper-sized lacy drawers hanging out on the balcony clothesline.

Now you can shop for what you need by yourself or with your buds in the comfort of your own majlis.

With the days of being able to just stroll into a store with the assurance that you’ll have a sympathetic male sales clerk to deal with about to become herstory, men can shop with the assurance that no cooties will have come in contact with your little black dress.

And for the ladies who like to crossdress, watch for the grand opening of a new online store just for you…






(Except as noted, all photos and logos or logo parody treatments are, alas, the author’s)
Note: majlis is strictly speaking a “place of sitting,” a room with seats all around the sides, the place where a householder meets his male guests for tea or coffee, though it can also refer to a legislative assembly.

5 comments on “Why Saudi women buy lingerie from creepy-looking guys

  1. Karen Bean says:

    Jim, you had me giggling throughout the read. Thanks for the smile and tickling of the senses.

    • jveeds says:

      Well, it’s about time you found time to comment here! How’s your Deer Valley volleyball team doing without me to pick on?

  2. Laurie says:

    Hey, Jim — thanks for the great pieces and your inimitable style of writing! Hope all is well … couldn’t see the goatee pix very well — post another! interesting about things you miss (and don’t…)
    take care … laurie

    • jveeds says:

      Thanks Laurie. I have some goatee pix in Journal #51 – “A Trip to a Saudi Wedding Party” — that I’ll send separately.

  3. caroline says:

    I’d rather spend my time reading your blogs here than wasting my time with that D.S. you know, I bought a year ago..hahaha! I love it, thats reality about Saudi Arabia..thats the reason why up to this time,I never try buying lingerie in arabia…you really made me not just smile, but laugh out loud.

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