Arizona Guv Needs Updated Lunar Calendar

Friday, Dec. 18, 2009

I got a semi-cheery e-mail from the Governor of Arizona 2010 this morning. Or rather, it’s from the candidate for governor, apparently acting both as sitting governor and as governor wannabe, since there’s a banner across the top saying “Jan Brewer for Governor.” 

I say “semi-cheery” because the note from “Governor Jan Brewer 2010 <>” isn’t exactly a holiday greeting. It’s actually a notification of an executive order she signed as Arizona’s governor encouraging celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah and prohibiting censorship thereof.

My first thought (after scratching my head as to whether this notice was a campaign stunt or an actual gubernatorial proclamation), was to check my Jewish calendar. Somehow I had gotten it into my crazy head that Hanukkah started at sundown Dec. 11 — that’s, um, seven days ago. Since Hanukkah runs eight days, until sundown on Saturday, December 19, technically it’s still part of the holiday.

But declaring non-discrimination for a holiday that’s 85 percent over would be like going on the radio across the Grand Canyon State at 8:10 pm on December 25 and declaring, “Hey, Arizonans, it’s OK to celebrate Christmas today!”

Forgive a moment of cynicism here, but it rather sounds as though the governor/candidate wanted to make a statement about Christmas and one of her staffers said “Psst, don’t forget about that pesky Jewish holiday!”

Note to the Guv: there’s still time to save Kwanzaa.

Now I’m wondering, though, whether “feats of strength and airing of grievances” will be practiced in the copper dome on December 23.

And don’t forget the aluminum pole.


One comment on “Arizona Guv Needs Updated Lunar Calendar

  1. Don Allcock says:

    Really wish you hadn’t written “save Kwanzaa”. Now, she’ll probably take credit and post it in her website. Oh well, we have come pretty well inured to political grandstanding. Nothing new.

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