Nuff Said

A 5.5-ounce can of “holistic pheasant” cat food sells for $1.73 at a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., specialty pet store. Three blocks away, you can get the same size can of a supermarket chain brand cat food for 39 cents.
Don’t judge pet food by its price
by Diane C. Lade – Jun. 6, 2009
Orlando Sun Sentinel


2 comments on “Nuff Said

  1. Don Allcock says:

    My daughter is studying archaeology in the quest for a job retrieving and restoring ancient artifacts. My guess is that her progeny, should they elect to follow in her footsteps will dig down and find a society whose extravagance is only exceeded by their apathy.

  2. Chainsaw says:

    The difference in price is largely the degree to which we subsidise large corporations by allowing them to underpay the public for resources and externalize their costs by polluting.

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