Two days ago I opened the long zippered flap in my tennis bag that holds one of two racquets, after getting one of my racquets restrung, and found….$35. I have no idea where it came from.

Yesterday I found my missing cheap sunglasses (I had mistakenly stashed them in a container for my reading glasses and tucked them in a bag.) Indeed they are cheap sunglasses, but they allow me to save my expensive sports sunglasses for actual sports.

Today, I realized I was almost out of coffee and cashed in the remains of the Starbucks gift card I got two Christmases ago from my sister-in-law. The result: two pounds of Sumatra and Ethiopian beans, ready to grind. My card only had enough for one and a half pounds but the clerk rounded it up for me.

Today I checked my pigeonhole mailbox at ASU and, in addition to the usual promotional fliers and newsletters there was…an old favorite wide-bottom coffee mug that I used to load up, prior to my Design Rhetoric class, with the free coffee that the dean provided for faculty. The cup had been pilfered or otherwise disappeared mysteriously over one summer. I checked with one of the remaining admins who said, yes, she had put it there, following the layoff of a student worker who we both think had…um…commandeered the cup.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.


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