C’mon…do the math yourself

Nov. 15, 2008

This just in from someone who should know better.

Actually, I’ve received this chain letter, or variations thereof, from a few people who have risked my wrath — though they’re usually nice enough to couch it in terms of “Gee, do you think this could be legit?”

C’mon people. Just do the math yourself.

“What if instead of bailing out all these failing banks and now the auto industry to the tune of 700 BILLION dollars, the government gave each TAX-PAYING citizen $100,000 each? That would jumpstart our economy and krrp those 45,000 auto workers working. We’d buy new cars and pay off our credit card debts thereby infusing the banks with funds for mortgages. If we bail out the executives in Detroit the way we just did with the banks, we still won’t be buying cars and those 45,000 jobs will still be lost. The American taxpayer will do better with a $100,000.00 each than all those economic birdbrains on Wall Street have done so far.

If you think this idea has merit, please pass this on to everyone you know. If anybody knows how to start a petition, please do so and please forward this to your congressmen and legislaters, TV stations and newspapers.”

See, you don’t even have to look it up on Snopes. The fact that it has the key phrase “pass this on to everyone you know” should be a big ol’ honkin’ red flag. But even so, if the EMFC (E-Mail Forwarding Community) would just simply stop and think about whether something’s credible before e-mailing it to the ends of the earth, we’d have world peace and global warming spruced up in no time. Well, maybe not all that, but at least we wouldn’t be guilty of adding more mis-information to the world’s overabundant supply.

C’mon, take responsibility for the information you pass along.

C’mon. Just do the math for yourself.


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