Time to reclaim our elections

This is why I get mad. Sure, there must be Democratic party workers saying bad things about the Republicans, but for sheer audacity and what I now call “electioneering terrorism,” the Republican sympathizers have taken it to a new level in the past 8 years…a level that I suspect would make even the grand daddy of dirty tricksters, Richard Nixon, blush.

Seemingly every day, I hear new outrageous “dirty” rumours about Obama and his campaign. And not only dirty, but viciously untrue or, as one commentator put it, “elegantly contrived lies” — i.e., untruths that have some very minor element of fact that someone knowingly and with malice has spun into a bold-faced concoction. And through the power of forwarded e-mails, enough people hear it and repeat it until at least a few people start believing there must be something to it.

An example from About.com (similar to Snopes):

Summary: Forwarded email alleges that three former Fannie Mae executives accused of improprieties — Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, and Jim Johnson — are all now serving as top economic advisers to Barack Obama.

Conclusion: While the litany of charges against former Fannie Mae executives Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, and Jim Johnson matches up pretty closely with what has been reported in legitimate news sources, it is not true that any of these gentlemen went on to serve as “chief economic adviser” or “senior financial adviser” to the Barack Obama campaign.

Thus, we find a friend believing that Obama “slipped up” and inadvertently admitted that he is a Muslim (as though anyone as supposedly tricky as Obama could be tricked into admitting his “true religion” during a televised interview).

And thus we find the actions of Sheriff Joe’s minions (which he claims to know nothing about) spreading the awful, vicious story of his opponent being accused of rape by his stepmother when he was a teen and masturbating on county time (he was 20 years old and had gone home for his coffee break).

“State Republican Chairman Randy Pullen said the ad had accomplished its purpose and no longer would run on television.”

On Saturday, Oct. 11, The Arizona Republic reported on vicious TV ads attacking candidate for County Attorney, Tim Nelson. (Andrew Thomas attack ad pulled from TV) The ads were sponsored by…guess who…the same Republican committee that put out the vicious and untrue anti-Saban ad. The TV ad was so patently unfair that the NBC affilate, KPNX, Ch. 12, refused to air it and the CBS affiliate, KPHO, Ch. 5, pulled it after one airing.

In the meantime, practically every week a new outrage comes to light about Arpaio’s use of county resources to squash his opposition.

This one is from mid-summer:

Arpaio’s thugs threaten to arrest a New Times reporter for looking at public records — “How close did I come to getting arrested by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies today? As Maxwell Smart would say, “Missed it by that much.” The problem: I had the nerve to want to look at the same public records that sheriff’s deputies were scouring at the City of Phoenix public records counter.”

As much as I like Sheriff Joe’s hard line on illegal immigration, the issues are much more complicated than some people apparently can fathom. In my view, Sheriff Joe has simply trampled on every rightful use of power and needs to be reminded that power has limits.

The taxpayers' anti-aircraft vehicle

The taxpayers' anti-aircraft vehicle......

...presumably for shooting down drug warlords over the skies of Phoenix

...presumably for shooting down drug warlords over the skies of Phoenix


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